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Bears vs. Broncos Highlights (2009 Preseason week 3)

I haven’t uploaded a video in a while so I just decided to upload this. All credit goes to NFL Network and NBC. I’m glad the Bears won. My ex-favorite team, the Denver Broncos, need to learn a very important lesson: Never get rid of Pro Bowl quarterbacks and Super Bowl winning coaches. And also, [...]

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Bobby Boy dancing at the Mariners game AND Ken Griffey Jr. Hits a walkoff in the 14th.

Just a brief little video of the Seattle Mariners vs Chicago White Sox Game on August 12th, 2009. Just a few clips but mainly of Bobby Boy Dancing and what not. Y’all check out all the bobby boy clips on my playlists under ” Bobby Boy Classics” or ” Bobby Boy 2008 Vids” .. Theres [...]

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The Uncut Sports Show: April 28th, 2009

The host talk about the NFL Draft, Paquiao Vs Hatton, Jayson Williams, Kyle Maynard, NBA and NHL Playoffs

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