The Uncut Sports Show: June 10th, 2009

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The hosts discuss the Strikeforce MMA event, WEC Faber vs. Brown, Finally Carano vs. Cyborg, and the NBA and NHL Playoffs

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Watch NFL Live Online Now By Clicking Here

20 Responses to “The Uncut Sports Show: June 10th, 2009”

  1. 1lancerfutball

    the movie-The grudge. im saying this midway through the vid so i dont know if u said it or not

  2. 2xstr8edg3x

    UFC 99 is this weekend …. u guys didn’t even mention it

  3. 3UncutSports

    Good point..i never thought of that :)

  4. 4UncutSports

    Whats up cads7819….thanks for watching bro and welcome to the show.


  5. 5mmajacked4

    brett rogers impressed me, strikeforce and wec put together good shows

  6. 6Hotora86

    Thanks for the props in the beginning, guys! ;]

    I thought Arlovski would win too so there was no bet there. But I’m ready to bet on Machida beating Shogun in October so we can have another go if you have faith in Rua. ;)
    I’m also rooting for Carano but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyborg knocks her ass out.

  7. 7rampagesgrill84

    Carano hasn’t fought the competition Santos has. Cyborg via TKO.

  8. 8cads7819

    Hello guys from Australia, I like the show, im more a MMA fan. cant see you guys covering our sports, no seriously, enjoy what you guys do, lot of fun to watch, right or wrong keep it up! cheers

  9. 9AlexEwing

    Do you really want Crosby to get a cup? If you think the overmarketing of that dude is bad now, it’ll be even worse if the Pens win on Friday.

  10. 10666ThaScarecro666


  11. 11UncutSports

    Sorry bro…yeah I’m bitter they beat the Caps…but Id rather see them win then the Red Wings win again…besides Gonchar used to be a Cap…lol

  12. 12bmill4124

    i love how kev gets off topic when he thinks of the movie title

  13. 13AlexEwing

    >I like the Penguins

    Fuck you, Kevin. Just how could you even say that…

  14. 14UncutSports

    That’s it…thanks Nina :)

  15. 15dawgdawg520

    i fukin luv this shit…u muthafukas r funny as hell keep it comin……J-Dogg Tucson, AZ

  16. 16bigragu

    Wow. You guys get a ton of Keyboard Cowboys! Do you know why? You do alot of MMA vids. Alot of MMA fans aren’t all there bro’s! They don’t know who they’ve talked to before or after fights happen. Of course, I take a beating every now and then from my boxing vids. :) Keep truckin! Say, what’s with all the “You can suck my D*CK” comments? The Grudge/Grudge II.

  17. 17Hatebreedist4Life

    The movie was The Grudge

  18. 18zeno35

    u guys know wut ur talkin about… so dont listen to other ppl tha age of 12 typing hate comments

  19. 19DaevDaDude

    was gonna ask you if you meant the grudge but you got it ;)

  20. 20nina090991


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