The Uncut Sports Show: July 7th, 2009

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The hosts talk about Steve McNair being shot and killed, The Tour de France, and UFC 100

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17 Responses to “The Uncut Sports Show: July 7th, 2009”

  1. 1cads7819

    Australias predicts :) ufc..Lesnar, Gsp, bisping. want bisping to win cause australia and england have a drinking problem.. enjoy the show guys..thx Kev for the response last time too mate. Have a good UFC wekend all, it will be a sunday here for a sunday session of fights and lagers..

  2. 2ryan803

    damn man u guys need to get like a longer show…i mean i know u guys have lives unlike myself but i love the show george u are a funny motherfucker with ur arab inpersonation

    i think lesnars gonna beat mir by decision
    alves by ko
    hendo wins ill say by submission cause i really dont care too much for that fight lol

  3. 3Mojo1982

    McNair-shocking what happened to him. Moral of the story stay away from Arab sluts. Pyschos.

  4. 4KingOC14

    lesnar is gonna tap again… he talks shit and says he gave mir the win and he didnt give it 2 mir, Mir took it from lesnar

  5. 5Ward365544

    yo ur guys show is fucking awesome! I love this shit! DIE MOTHER BITCH!!!

  6. 6UncutSports


    Thanks for the love!
    head over to w w w uncutsports c o m and join our forum

  7. 7keem31

    I love this show u guy’s . Keep going I hope you go beyond youtube one day. Better than Sports Center. fucking Uncut baby YEAH

  8. 8MrZrod24

    Mcnair has a sad story but i think all the men know exactly what happened. I think kevin hit it right on the button.

  9. 9mmajacked4

    man yall are funny as fuck. my 100 picks are
    mir via breakin lesnars arm off
    GSP via tko
    bisping via KTFO
    JON JONES via murder

  10. 10thawrestlinghero09

    We all no brock lensar and gsp are going to win

  11. 11louis1152

    ufc 100 lesnar destroys mir st. pierre wins and henderson cuz bisping is full of bull shit. he claims he could ko henderson. rampage and wanderlia couldn’t so like he could.

  12. 12cloacalkissed

    Is there a reason why you guys are on a timed limit?

    Anywho, Lesnar > Mir, Alves > GSP, Hendo > Bisp

  13. 13enofoymra

    Theres only 4 victims in the Mcnair tragedy.
    His kids who didn’t celebrate the fireworks w/their daddy!
    other than that, charge it to the game!!!!!!!!

  14. 14bigragu

    “WTF?” “No ring”? “I kill you B*TCH”! You know she killed McNair! I believe Lesnar handles his business against Mir. He was whipping Mir’s a** before the Ref stepped in. It was looking like a 1st round stoppage win before the ref went and messed up Lesnar’s momentum. Unless it’s Serrano/Santos I don’t want to hear about women fighters. Not yet anyway!

  15. 15captaincommando7

    I’m going for Lesnar. I agree with Marcus that Mir is too relaxed into this fight. If he doesn’t remember, Brock had him last time, then that rookie mistake. Don’t think that is going to happen again. I don’t think Alves is a legitimate threat to St. Pierre honestly. I think his stand up is great, but Pierre is superior in every other aspect. I think Hendo & the Count can go either way. I’m hoping for Henderson but we’ll see. Should be a great card, we’ll see what happens come July 11th!

  16. 16Marcus4600

    I think it goes without saying that there really needs to be more GOOD women in MMA.

    Anyway, I’m starting to lean toward Lesnar beating Mir this Saturday, because Mir is acting way to fucking relaxed because he’s already got a win.

    If he’s not careful, he’s gonna get fucked.

  17. 17kirknasty53

    ufc 100 is lesnar over mir, alves over st.pierre, & bisbing over henderson in an upset

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