The Uncut Sports Show: August 18th, 2009

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The host recap Strikeforce’s Carano Vs. Cyborg, Liddell to dance with Stars, Usain Bolt’s record 9.58, and Tom Cable going MMA on his assistant coaches.

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25 Responses to “The Uncut Sports Show: August 18th, 2009”

  1. 1StrigoiTemplar

    While I was cheering for Gina, I’m kinda glad Cyborg won. Whether the rumours are coming out of somebody’s ass or not I doubt Gina’s going to be in MMA forever and with Cyborg being the person to kill her streak she gives herself some serious momentum, and gets the spotlight onto someone other than Gina for Women’s MMA, which (fingers crossed) will be a good thing.

  2. 2ryan803

    frabrezio got some nasty ears…i bet he could fly over fedor and drop huge hammer fists lol

  3. 3MrZrod24

    LOL, “She looked kinda cute”. Dont worry man, I kinda felt the same way…..Great show by the way.

  4. 4wildwolves8

    chuck liddell on dwts,hahahahahahha,funny.

  5. 5Xion385

    Mousasi lost to Gono and some other no named the same way via Armbar.

  6. 6Podboy11937

    Dude you guys are great. Id love your show if you talked about a jar of pickles or some shit ha ha keep it comin man

  7. 7tmcgordon

    Kevin, You’re friggin crazy! “Running like someone stole his Bob Marley album! LMAO - hilarious!! : )

  8. 8unvdsnts

    Thx for the vids george & Kevin and yes sir i did subscribe.

  9. 9UncutSports


    I’m with you my man i can smell the green grass and the pigskin.


  10. 10hornetpalooza

    Hey guys! Thanks for another good video, 5/5! I’d have to say, though, that I think both Brock and Cyborg have a lot more than just power and speed, Brock is an amazing wrester and Cyborg has more than solid striking. More importantly, they both train hard and learn much fast.
    What are people gonna do when/if these two get their black belts in BJJ??
    Screw the time limit, do a two parter, I would absolutely sit through 30m of MMA talk with you guys! :)

  11. 11steviedevil09

    It might be the best thing for chuck to learn a bit of foot work,chuck has knockout skills but his foot work in the ring is slow and clumsy.U can tell what he is going to do by his footwork.

  12. 12enofoymra

    She is mainly hot for the more masculine fetish kind of guys…lol

  13. 13bigragu

    I’m kinda done with MMA now. Watching Carano fight a Roid Freak was disheartening. If I want to watch roiders I’ll be entertained by the WWE. They don’t claim to be real at least. They need to do year round testing!

  14. 14keem31

    walking to the ring she looked kind out cute Kev? LMFAO much love guys! you’re sure about Kai greene for the Olympia? what about this cotto Pacquiao fight?

  15. 15Hotora86

    Saying Cybord is sexy is like saying that barbed wire is delicate.

  16. 16jacklegend

    Awesome show guys. Do you ever watch or cover english soccer (the English Premire League) or F1 racing?


  17. 17666ofdoom

    cris cyborg is so sexy she a beast love it.

  18. 18ballek7

    chuck what the fuck he is going to be on that gay show, man I think those three knock outs in the ufc fucked up his head really bad

  19. 19tkflex

    I still feel Chuck still got it. He just has to fight Ground fighters? or Submission guys? Maybe work on some ground and pound of his own?

    I mean he lost to the TOP 8 Light Heavy weights: Rampage, Rashad Evans, Shogun….

    I say feed him to Tito again? Or maybe even Forest Griffin!

    But then again YAYO and that beer belly. Everyone has a rise but the falls Enviable…

  20. 20TSHEFU

    he was forced to retire…he doesnt really have a career anymore just a legacy

  21. 21HackBennys

    Michael Irvin doesn’t snort, he smokes that shit. Get ur facts straight, dipshits.

  22. 22TheTrillz

    Werdun kinda reminds me of a thinner, brazilian version of Schwarzenegger. You’ll know what I mean, just look at that dude’s face. Also look at Carano’s striking, if Carano didn’t worry about her face she might have done better standing. Carano turtled up alot when Cyborg aka Wanderlei, got on the inside of Carano.

  23. 23UncutSports

    Yeah….but we filmed prior to the announcement brutha


  24. 24SLVSTRN

    She did look kinda cute lol haha I’m with you with that one jaja anyway that fight sucked just two girls being girls just trowing bombs no strategy os technique what so ever.

  25. 25UncutSports’re funny. I said Moo-sa-si…and the second “g” is silent brutha….check yo’self


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