NFL Preseason 2009 - Jaguars @ Eagles

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Highlights from the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the Philadelphia Eagles preseason week 3 game. And a couple of highlights from Michael Vick return.

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Watch NFL Live Online Now By Clicking Here

5 Responses to “NFL Preseason 2009 - Jaguars @ Eagles”

  1. 1madchief2000

    DOG KILLER, DOG KILLER DOG KILLER!! vICK IS A CHUMP! He’s taking away good reps from mcnabb a good QB, mcnabb is 100x better than overrated vick.

  2. 2RapMastaMuldawg


  3. 3okielaker

    look at these stupid fucking douche bags giving this piece of shit a standing ovation, they should be thrown in an inferno.

  4. 4bigd00dle

    lol i kno. thank god its only preseason tho lol. it would be just upsetting if this was regular season xD

  5. 5DnkeyPuncher

    So many turnovers lol man preseason football is just sloppy

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