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A trailer i mash-up I made using 300 and various nfl football clips

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Watch NFL Live Online Now By Clicking Here

18 Responses to “N F L SPARTANS”

  1. 1enockco

    Yooo, dis vid is so intense, i love it. question thou, how did u make it? did u already have clips saved up on ur computer or what?

  2. 2saintsrulz

    where do you get all these clips

  3. 3anniejones02

    what song is playing in the background and some of these parts in the vid made me laugh

  4. 4anniejones02

    great vid

  5. 5scottpianoplayer

    this is wat football is all about

  6. 6antony5005


  7. 7imortaljoe

    i personally liked the brandon jacobs roaring part lol

  8. 8squigs1500

    omfg 1:47 that was sick

  9. 9polybratt


  10. 10savrino3

    haha ROMA!!!

  11. 11TimeDefeater

    this sucks

  12. 12drunkenpuyo


  13. 13GeniusofHardwork011

    perfect….just perfect

  14. 14UltraHairy6

    man that gave me goosebumps

  15. 15GiveMeABit

    Great Vid m8 !!!

  16. 16JXLDURAN

    SWEET !

  17. 17meshorty902

    what an amazing vid man

  18. 18ALittleProduction

    Holy shit dude…*jealous* that was amazing editing SUPERB job

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