ICW: This Is Our House 2009 Highlights (2/5)

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Indiana Championship Wrestling presents its 1st ever supershow event called ICW: This Our House, that features wrestlers from: ICW, BWA, FWA, MSW, JWA, CBYW, CCW, and BCWO. This event was held on the days of June 13th, and June 14th, 2009. A highlight video that shows all the highlights from the Day 1, Show 2 event that was held on June 13th, 2009.

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17 Responses to “ICW: This Is Our House 2009 Highlights (2/5)”

  1. 1backyardkamikaze

    fx i hope that was for storyline purposes

  2. 2backyardkamikaze

    ha. ha.

  3. 3whcrandyorton


  4. 4barnesbarn555

    wats the 2nd song icw plz leve it on me chann3l kk m8 tanks by the way lov u all extreamest

  5. 5Malice1111

    Xcal just kills people whats fair about that?
    Midwest is underrated northwest is just stupid and tame

  6. 6kristianOLS

    Watch my vidoes!

  7. 7BWA1990

    i love you more =]

  8. 8devooo55

    I love you. :D

  9. 9ntwvideos

    Awesome video!!!

  10. 10CodyStreetsGotMoney

    midwest is where its at

  11. 11whcrandyorton


  12. 12BWA1990

    northeast sucks…. HIGHLY overrated…

  13. 13firedjinn


  14. 14Genocide9389

    Yes my opinon on Icw has greatly changed. You guys are so much better. Good job and good luck.

  15. 15rcwrulz

    Midwest forever!

  16. 16kcwvideos17

    One Day.
    We need to have a show together.

    Midwest vs. Northeast

  17. 17JWAvideos

    the midwest is in no way better then the northeast, absolutely no question lol

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