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Watch NFL Live Online Now By Clicking Here

25 Responses to “My President Is Black REMIX WITH JAY Z WITH FREE DOWNLOAD”

  1. 1leotheguido

    Great lyrics here: Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk,
    Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run,
    Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
    so I’m going to spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky….

  2. 2Chocl8Ma

    Kinzel31 IT COULD NEVER BE AS HORRIBLE A NIGHTMARE AS WAKING UP TO THE REALITY THAT YOUR PRESIDENT IS GEORGE BUSH… I would like to thank the man overseas who threw 2 shoes at George W. as well as the wonderful people who helped him to move the hell out of the WHITE HOUSE… MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!

  3. 3linusspacehead

    kinzel31: you are more than welcome to have him. Most Americans are waking up to the fact that they made a big mistake.

  4. 4linusspacehead

    Actually since Obama’s father is part Arab, Obama isn’t even half black.

  5. 5linusspacehead

    Obama’s white grandparents busted their ass so he could go to an elite school. Why don’t you give them credit.

  6. 6youngblacmale

    rosa parks sat so martin luther could walk
    Martin Luther walked so barack obama could run
    Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
    so I’ma spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky

    ^ ^ Sick Lines, Damn Jay-z Should DO The Original Version I Guess

  7. 7Darone1208

    Apparently the 44th time is a charm.

  8. 8leotheguido

    Great lyrics, has a awesome beat, and makes a lot of sense. This is DEFINATELY why I like rap rock and everything.

  9. 9ptsmmrs

    geee,i wonder why he supports obama?hmmmm….LOL

  10. 10daltonarmy

    dats right my president is black

  11. 11devonframpton

    sick song good meaning

  12. 12lolujustgotpwnedbyme


  13. 13VakanoTheeMc

    check out my new video out yall

  14. 14Rekostyle018

    yall just go fuck yourselves

  15. 15Blazed15


  16. 16plague513

    This is NOT the first rap song about those things..I could give you a list of rappers who dont include those things in their raps..

  17. 17rockleeowns3

    R U FUCKIN FUCKED UP?? i guess u never herd of big L,tupac,biggie and that … how bout u listen to nwa they mostly said ” fuck the police”..

  18. 18rockleeowns3

    lemme ask ya sumting? do u dress gangster? or “act” no question bout music any 1 can listen to it

  19. 19Issa50cent


  20. 20cam10312113

    The world would probaly be a better place without you being alive

  21. 21Willster54321


  22. 22lilrose600

    haha! i thought there was something funny about that saying. pigs DO fly….haha

  23. 23lilrose600

    does it matter? have we ever had a half cast???

  24. 24lilrose600

    this is amazing!!!!! i hate it that people say he isn’t the frst full black prez. i know he ain’t but nice people to point it out…… he is part white. so what? it’s still our first one!!! and why does THAT even matter??? i love this song, because it shows that not all rap has to be about sex and landing hoes. thi is one of the first rap song that isn’t about those things. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! its amazing you guys made this. it points out history!!!


    fuckoff faggot

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