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Funny little play and pass on Madden NFL 09′ 360

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25 Responses to “MADDEN NFL BLOOPER PLAY!”

  1. 1bmoreravens12

    wow somthing like that happened to me sammy baugh was blocked and the ball went 90ft straight in the air and santana moss caught it and got a touchdown to bad i had no camera at the time

  2. 2markay9tyfawr


  3. 3mcssean

    its madden 09 and it hit whites helmet i give this o jk 3 stars thoe cuz it is pretty funny

  4. 4wchocnchoc

    o my god!!! vince yound would do tat lol

  5. 5jamesfyo123

    that play… i thought there were going to be more.

  6. 6jamesfyo123

    lol that first play was hilarious

  7. 7xHeSTTERx

    this is madden 08 not 09 dmac retarded bitch

  8. 8Dmac447

    thats madden 09 dude, but anyway, VY sucks

  9. 9evangelizerbrandon

    man that is a hilarious blooper!!!!!!

  10. 10RonnieVA

    vince is weak

  11. 119999ponyboy

    worst case senario…… almost

  12. 12penguin1421

    TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “>

  13. 13BigVick26

    ha seems real? Go Bucs Go

  14. 14RandyMoss94

    but i would call it a fumble

  15. 15QBjaycutler

    oh yeah when the broncos got the win

  16. 16QBjaycutler

    oh yeah when the broncos got the win

  17. 17Bennettster

    yea it was a blooper play but if you chose to pass the ball to the RB when he’s next to you then what do you expect
    ;p lol

  18. 18funnyface1375

    got that right Vince Young SUCKS

  19. 19RandyMoss94

    that looks like jay cutler against the chargers lol

  20. 20kobetown8

    vince young sucks ballls

  21. 21Kawano55

    lol i would be pissed if i got a safety like that!!

  22. 22blakebellamy82

    this is 08

  23. 23Falconsblue58


  24. 24Deeganmb

    That looks like Vince Young in real life trying to pass :)

  25. 25Sportguy619


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